How to Fix Steam Error Code 118 – As a gaming lover, you might have a presence on the Steam platform, and why not, as it allows gamers to play games, discuss them, and also create some. The ease by which users can navigate on this platform and its interesting & interactive user interface makes it popular among gamers.

But it doesn’t matter which app or platform you use, errors are everywhere, and they hinder the normal functioning of that platform. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the critical errors that users face on Steam. The error we are talking about is Steam error code 118. Let us see what it is.

What is Error Code 118?

This Steam error 118 is one of the most annoying ones as it prevents users from getting into their game’s library. Besides this, it is also seen that this error code also prevents players from making any purchase from the store page. For a hardcore gaming fan, this is a situation he/she never wants to come across, but this is something they cannot ignore until they find a solution to it.

In this post, we’ll tell you some ways by which you can solve this Steam error code 118.

How to Fix Error Code 118 on Steam

Check the Firewall

The firewall on your computer system is to prevent it from any malware attacks that could cause any kind of harm. In this process, sometimes it blocks the third-party application we use regularly. One of those applications could be Steam.

So, if you face error 118 while operating Steam, it is advised to check the Firewall to identify whether it has been blocked by it. To check this, you will be required to visit Windows Firewall on your system’s Control Panel and click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall that you’ll see on the left side.

Click on the ‘change settings’ button on the webpage that appears

  • Now, you need to find ‘Steam’ by scrolling down the list you see, and once found, check ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ and hit the ‘apply’ button.

After following the above-mentioned steps, re-launch Steam and see whether error code 118 is fixed or not.

Check internet connection

Applications like Steam fast and smooth internet connection, and when it is not there, the application starts to function abnormally. So, even after checking the Firewall, if your problem is not solved, it is suggested to check whether the internet supply is ok or not.

This is because, if the internet connection is bad or interrupted, Steam will not function properly and it might show error 118. Thus, one of the simplest solutions to this problem is to turn off the router and restart it again. Doing so might smoothen up the internet connection and this will fix the error. You can also try connecting to the internet using LAN wire.

Check for third-party apps or services

One of the reasons for Steam error code 118 could be the hindrance caused by third-party apps or services. So, if nothing works out, you should check whether any third-party app is the reason for this error.

For this, you will be required to visit ‘system configuration’ on your system. Once this is done, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the services tab
  • Un-tick ‘hide all Microsoft services’ option at the bottom left
  • Click the ‘disable all’ button at the right
  • Once this is done, click on the startup tab present right after the services tab
  • Click on open task manager
  • Now, one by one disable all the applications you see on the list after opening the task manager by clicking one of the applications and hitting the disable button after that

After disabling all the applications, restart your computer system and run Steam. We hope that doing this will fix error code 118.

Check for viruses in your computer system

The presence of a virus in your computer system could be the silliest reason we should say for experiencing Steam error code 118, as sometimes having an antivirus app installed could also be the reason. So, first of all, you need to check for virus presence in your system by using a quality antivirus that can properly scan your system. If found, remove that virus and restart Steam to experience trouble-free working of the application.

While on the other hand, if your system already has an antivirus program installed, then this could also be the reason for error 118. In this case, it is advised to disable the antivirus program and restart Steam; we hope this could be the possible solution for the problem.

So, these are some of the basic solutions that could fix Steam error 118, we’ll be glad if by any means we would have been able to help you in fixing this error.

Happy Gaming!

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