How to Fix Error Code Weasel – You must be a Destiny lover and that’s why you are here to get a solution to the Weasel error code. So, we must say that you are at the right place, as you’ll find multiple solutions to this error code in this post. But before we move ahead, let us have a brief look at what this error is and in which game it occurs.

Destiny is one of the most popular shooter games and it was released in the year 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. This game became popular in a short period of time and it has two modes, player versus player and player versus environment.

There is one error faced by gamers while playing Destiny and that is known as Weasel. One of the reasons for this error is the disconnection between the user’s home network & the server and another one could be packet loss. You might also face this error due to poor wifi connection or mobile hotspot connection. In this post, we will discuss some solutions that’ll fix this error code Weasel.

How to Fix Weasel Error Code?

Restart your devices

Sometimes, even the biggest of errors can be fixed by simply restarting the device and that’s what you have to do here. Now, restarting the device means complete shut down of your Xbox or PlayStation along with the modem/router. Once you’ve done this, wait for a few minutes and then restart everything again. Doing this might help you overcome this error weasel and you would be able to enjoy the game again without any interruptions.

Clan invite bug

It is experienced by most of the players that error code Weasel occurs when someone invites them to the clan. Now, this might also be the issue and to fix that, you must make sure that there no pending clan invites. Let us see how this could be done:

  • Contact the admin of the clan and request him/her to remove you out of the clan so that this problem could be solved.
  • Check for any new clan invite on the membership page. If found, join the clan and immediately leave it. Considering this might also help you fix the Weasel error.

Create a new PSN account

This solution is for PlayStation console users, as creating a new PSN account might fix this error. Let us see how a new PSN account can be created:

  • Turn the PS4 on, visit New User and create a user into the PlayStation login screen
  • This will automatically create a PS4 user
  • Now, click on ‘New to PlayStation Network?’ and create a new account by signing up
  • Once you click skip, you can now select your avatar and name for the local user
  • Now, go to your Avatar present on the home screen of PS4 to sign up for PSN later
  • First-time users will go to user 1 and enter their details & preferences. Remember, don’t fill in fake age details as doing this will violate PSN rules.
  • Now, if you want to use a debit or credit card, make sure that the address you fill in is the same as the billing address
  • Create an ID and fill in your first & last name
  • Choose friends, sharing, and message settings
  • Verify the email address by opening the mail sent by PlayStation and clicking on the link. If you don’t find an email in the inbox, try spam or junk folders
  • Your PSN account is now created. Try opening the game again and you’ll see that error code Weasel is gone.

Clear cache on Xbox One

This one is for Xbox console users, as clearing the cache could be the solution to this error. We’ll see how this could be done:

  • Shut down the Xbox console by pressing and holding the power button
  • Unplug the power cord and again press & hold the power button for at least one minute to discharge residual power
  • Re-plug the power cord wait for the light present in the power brick to change from white to orange
  • Restart the Xbox again and enjoy the game. Doing this will remove all the corrupt data in your device and the Weasel error code will be fixed

Unlink the Destiny app from your phone

Destiny has a companion app for smartphone users through which you can access game information. This app is also known to be one of the reasons for the error code weasel. Let us see how to unlink the app:

  • Sign in to
  • Go to the settings page and click “Accounts & Links”
  • Now, click “Unlink” present next to the app authentication method
  • And finally, uninstall the app from your phone, this could be helpful in fixing the weasel error code and now you can enjoy the game

We hope this post would have been helpful to you and now you would have multiple ways to fix error code Weasel to enjoy Destiny without and disturbance.


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